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Category Archives: Offshore Outsourcing

IT Consulting Services – Pain Points Of IT Consultants

Today, IT consulting has become a backbone for the businesses and enterprises across the world. More ‘n’ more businesses are approaching professional IT consulting services in India to streamline their business process and reduce their IT infrastructure costs up to a certain extent. Of course, it is a right time for the IT professionals to [...]

Reasons Why India-based Offshore Software Development Companies Will Rule In 2013

According to the recent survey India is about to grow at the rate of 6% and would compete with the growth of China by the year 2015. Of course, offshore software outsourcing has become a need of today’s businesses in order to get down the overall project development cost. Due to certain factors like solid [...]

Is Google Expecting too much? Tips to Escape the Impact of Google Penguin Update

Google is on aggressive move towards clearing the web spam. After Panda, Google released its Penguin update as yet another feather in its cap. Although it claims that Penguin affects only a 3.1 percent of the websites, its impact has been larger than it appears. In this blog, we introduce you to the Penguin and suggest some helpful measures to escape the monster.